Aberfeldie junior footy programs promote enjoyment and a love of the game, as well as delivering strong on field results.  Throughout the 2021 season, The Club will field a total of 22 teams across all age groups, including six girls teams.

Through our footy programs, Abers promotes inclusivity, mateship and  progression by giving each child equal opportunity to develop and maximise their potential, while having fun. 


New to football?

Many boys have transitioned into football from other sports. We will provide you with training required to ensure the game is fun and you have the ability to hone your current sporting skills, and use them to your advantage.

Support the Club

There are many ways that you can support our much loved sporting Club.
  • Invite your friends to join our fun Trial days.
  • Attend one of our memorable fundraiser events.
  • Make it your home away from home and join us for a drink at the bar.
  • Or if you’re a local business, why not find out about our goal kicking sponsorship packages.

About Abers

Based at Clifton Park in the suburb of Aberfeldie, the Aberfeldie Sports Club is a local community based sporting club.

Its roots date back to the Aberfeldie Men’s Club founded in 1944. The Club evolved in 1948 when Aberfeldie Football Club was formed and entered competitive teams in the Essendon District Football League. It was responsible for creating Clifton Park on a pound for pound arrangement with the former Essendon City Council