Gorilla Profile #02 Nelson Alexander (Paul Harrison)

Nelson Alexander + Paul Harrison


We offer a full suite of services across the residential & commercial sectors including sales, property management and owners corporation.


Family, generosity, leadership, progressive, passion, respect.


– Years’ Nelson Alexander have supported Abers? 10 years

– Why is it important to support local sport? Our connection with our local communities runs deep within our company’s culture and sport is at the epicentre of that.

– Why do Nelson Alexander love Abers? Our core values are based on unity and teamwork and we believe that makes us very aligned with Abers.


The last 6 weeks is evidence that buyers & sellers will gravitate to the brand they know and trust. We have increased our market share to almost 50% of our catchment area, stronger than ever.

Business’ plan for the future?

To continue to be the agent of choice in our catchment areas.


Name? Paul Harrison

AFL club supporting? Kangas

Years’ service at Abers? Played senior footy in the 80’s, 90’s & 2000’s

Prefer coaching or playing, and why? Loved being a playing coach, in the thick of the action and making decisions/moves in real time. The modern game is so much faster so the playing coach would be at a disadvantage these days.

Best player to play with?  Early days – Phil Squires, Mick Hewat, Paul Hayward

Modern day – Leigh Woods, Jason Casey, Jason Dennis

Best player to coach? Donza/Blaise Ryan – do anything for you

Best player you have seen grace the EDFL?  Craig Hille (Strathmore), Steve Grey (East Keilor), Simon Minton Connell (Douttas, Abers, MV)

How many Abers Grand Final appearances, and wins? What years? 1995 B Grade flag, 2000 & 2001 A Grade runners up (Loaf tears a quad in the warm up 2001, are you kidding me???)

Aside your contribution to the club, there are multiple Abers Life Members in your family, and a club award in honour of your mum, Lynn. Can you summarise what Abers means to your family? Abers has been a huge part of my family’s past, present and no doubt future with generations having played, coached, supported and volunteered.

Your coaching style was to train and play hard, and to enjoy the off field, too. What is the perfect balance? When I played the club was about so much more than football. We had our 18th & 21st birthdays there, it was our meeting place before we went out together and our place of recovery the next day, we had functions where you couldn’t squeeze any more in, we had pre season trips away as well as the traditional end of year trip. The perfect balance has changed a lot with local footy becoming so much more professional but back when I was playing we certainly knew how to unwind afterwards.

Favourite Abers memory (or two, if you need it)? Definitely the 95 flag, great bunch of blokes, great win, unbelievable celebrations back at the club and significant getting the club back into A Grade where they have stayed ever since.

Any truth to the rumour of a side wager with Moonee Valley back in the day? If yes, please elaborate, and who won? Ah yes some of my more colourful friends were involved at Moonee Valley at the time and had big mouths, we won of course and you could say some of our wallets were a bit thicker that night.

You had a stake in the infamous One Bar. Any notable memories of Abers players at One Bar? I actually started One Bar (no genius in the name, I named it after the address 1 Puckle St) and we certainly had some fun with it. As for notable memories of Abers players there were many, they probably all had a similar ending walking out sideways in daylight and the names were often the same – Mango, Dave Farrelly, Bear, Tyson Lane, Guru, Jason Casey to name a few and not many could run amok like the Taylors

Best thing not yet invented? My wife and I have a beautiful son Beau who is 2 and a half (I have 4 wonderful kids in total) so I’d have to say an automatic nappy changer

Pineapple on pizza, yes or no? No

Best place to eat near Aberfeldie? Philhellene (Greek restaurant)

In the movie called ‘Harro’s Arrow’, who plays you? Hopefully Jason Statham

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