Gorilla Profile #01 – Luke Kinniburgh

Luke Kinniburgh  

Nickname/s? Duck or Kinna 

Years’ service at Abers? 23 

AFL club supporting? North Melbourne 

Prefer coaching or playing, and why? Coaching – without a doubt the most rewarding & enjoyable years in my footy life have been the last five years. Both junior coaching & seniors – the relationships you build with your players is something very special, the end of year celebrations legendary, and I will be forever grateful to our great club for the opportunities afforded to me over two and half decades, though particularly the last five years 

Position played? Full Back & Centre Half Forward 

Best player to play with? Jason Casey 

 Best player you have seen in the EDFL? Luke Blackwell

 Which Gorilla is the: 

– smartest? John Larkins 

– funniest? Patty Moore  

– angriest? Caleb Hislop  – Tommy Hislop before him 

– coaches pet? Jack Binns 

 If you could be another Abers person for a week, who would it be, and why? I would have to say Turbo Carboni. I’m not on Facebook but have been sent many of his posts. To be inside that headspace before posting would be fascinating 

Favourite Abers memory? Very hard to narrow down to one as there are hundreds of amazing times – the premierships (7 time), particularly the drought breaker in 2015, but a moment very special to me was when our son Ryan gave a speech after our home win against Douttas last year. I was very grateful it was filmed and look back on it with great memories as it was one special moment among several great moments on our way to that very special premiership last year.

Favourite activity outside of football? I love my job and downtime spent with family & friends 

One way you keep sane in Isolation? A balance of work, family time, cooking, exercise & study 

Worst habit/s? Control freak 

What advice would you give to junior footballers? Train hard, play harder and enjoy the wonderful gifts a sporting club like Abers gives you – friendships, life experiences and team success 

Best thing not yet invented?Bar 601. It is invented to a point, just not open yet. When it does, it will be the Local that all Abers faithful will hopefully support and enjoy the experience 

What happened to your nose? Broken numerous times over. I am due to get some surgery to fix it, although that was to happen when I stopped playing. Maybe one day. 

Biggest pet peeve? Negative and whinging people 

Pineapple on pizza? Yes 

Best place to eat near Aberfeldie? Esca Grill 

What word would Tanya use to describe you? GOAT 

In the movie called ‘Duck Hunting’, who plays you? Tom Cruise 

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