Cricket Player Spotlight – Jacqueline Wade

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In her first season playing competitive senior cricket, Jacqueline Wade is already taking major strides and is loving the new and exciting Women’s Cricket team at Aberfeldie Sports Club.

Growing up with two older brothers and playing playing cricket in the backyard, Jacq has always enjoyed the game of cricket but never really pursued it on a competitive level till this year.

A real lover of sport and health, Jacq has been a P.E teacher at St Bernard’s College for the past 13 years.

In the past, Jacq was the Year 9 coordinator and also the head of the Health Physical Education Faculty and is now the coordinator of the College’s ACC fixtured sports.

Jacq tried her hand at many sports growing up, including tennis and basketball, and was the first junior girl to play for St Bernard’s Football Club.

Her real passion in life has been playing for the Essendon Hockey Club for the past 20 years.

Extremely successful at an under 18 level, Jacq made multiple Western Region representative teams, then later went on to play Premier League reserves and was even recognised as a Captain of the Pennant A team.

Such great achievements across a number of years, Jacqueline’s time spent in hockey never hindered her interest in the game of cricket, and her skills in hockey have definitely been transferable.

Excited again with the return of the Big Bash T20 League and the summer of cricket, Jacq loves to learn from some of the best cricketers in the world.

“I love watching the Big Bash when players are mic’d up. I really enjoyed it when it was Shane Warne. I loved listening to him explain every delivery and how he was attempting to get players out. Also at test level, Mike Hussey was always a favourite!”

Showing she has the ability to become an all rounder early on in her career, Jacq has already made a 50 and taken wickets this season.

“For me, getting clean bowled early in my second game forced me to think about shot selection, not just ‘see ball hit ball’. Working with Kieran helped me to practice and play straight bat shots, not just instinctive cross bat shots.”

Such an exciting time for the club with the emergence of women’s cricket, involving great numbers and enthusiasm, Jacq has loved being a part of it and is thrilled she has finally made her way down to the club.

“Abers have been amazing. As a new person to the club, everyone has been so welcoming. Everyone is willing to give up some time if there’s anything you need to work on, and are so positive and encouraging with feedback. Communication around training, games and events is amazing as well!”

With such a promising and enjoyable start to her cricket career and time at Abers, Jacqueline Wade will continue to have great success playing for the two blues and with her great leadership skills will continue to be a great pioneer for women’s cricket in the area.

Liam McAllion – Aberfeldie Sports Club

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