Notice of Annual General Meeting

Please join us for our AGM


Dear Member,

The 2020 Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of the Aberfeldie Sports Club, Inc. will be held on TUESDAY 8th of December, 2020. The meeting will be held in the Jack Chalmers Pavilion at Clifton Park at 7.00

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Join our Female Cricket Teams!

Recruiting now for 20/21 Season

Have you ever wanted to play a team sport? In an all inclusive, fun and welcoming environment? Look no further. The Aberfeldie Cricket Club fielded our first ever female cricket sides last season – and we had an absolute blast. You don’t need to know how to play cricket – we take beginners to experienced players and have multiple teams that play across different divisions. It is a fun way to meet new people and try a new sport.

We have an amazing team of people who support female cricket – and we are excited to see more females take the field this coming season.

Register your interest with our Team Manager Cameron West today via phone or email! Feel free to send through any questions as well!
P: 0435 621 754

Download Flyer here

Gorilla Profile #03 McHugh & Eastwood (Frank Dugdale)

McHugh & Eastwood + Frank Dugdale


McHugh & Eastwood (Aust) Pty. Ltd provide a world class logistics and freight service by creating customized solutions in airfreight, seafreight, project cargo and warehousing services. The company was started in Geelong by Guy Eastwood and Colin McHugh in 1980. Our company is very proud to be celebrating our 40th year.


Our key objective is to take the worry out of Importing/Exporting. Our staff will always give you options and let you decide what best fits your needs. We have systems in place regarding our IT platform that keeps all clients updated on any shipments in real time. Every customer is treated the same, does not matter of the size, that has been a key factor to our growth.


Years McHugh & Eastwood have supported Abers? First arrived at Abers around 2000, my son signed there for Junior Football and the reason was we bought a house in Afton Street and it was so handy being so close.

Why is it important to support local sport? When I arrived at the club, it just felt very welcoming. While it was a very competitive club at a Junior level, I really found everyone was here for the kids to develop and respect each other. They had very good core values and all the people were very friendly. So it did not take me long to enjoy my time at Aberfeldie.

Andrew Wade and myself admired what John Larkins, Arthur Jacobs and Jim Pound were doing for the club and were inspired to start the Calcutta function. With a lot of help from Kerry Good, the night became an instant success, I also must thank Jenny wade for all the help we get every year with decorations.

I remember my mother always saying to me, if you have some wins along the way in life, build a bigger table not a bigger fence. So our company was in a position to assist, with the backing of the other directors.

Why does McHugh & Eastwood love Abers? The people at Abers make the club a great success, we all enjoy the success the players have given us all, but I also enjoy the challenge and the journey we are all taking.

Our company will always support local sporting networks as best as we can.

Business plan for the future? Aaron Dillon one of our Directors has developed our Class 1 haz cargo business.

We are on a continual path and looking to develop our USA and China markets.

Continue to develop our staff and develop them into professional Freight Forwarders.


Frank Dugdale

AFL club supporting? North Melbourne

Are you Melbourne born and raised? Yes I was born in Box Hill and raised in North Melbourne, spent my first 16 years in North. I had the best childhood growing up just a short distance from Arden Street.

Did you ever play football? Yes I played footy until I was 22, I had some major injuries that probably shortened the career.

I also did triathlons for 10 years. Can you believe I was 74kg at one stage!?

Who for, what position and how good were you? I spent most of my time in the forward line. In reference to my ability, I held my own, probably a jack of all trades, master of none.

Did you play any other sports? I played cricket for many years, we had a family team located in North Melbourne, North Paffs.

How would you describe Abers in one sentence? Great club, very respectful and plenty of fun!

Which Gorilla (player, coach, spectator, anyone at the club etc.) is the:

smartest? John Larkins by a mile

funniest? Jordan Cachia

angriest? Not sure

coaches pet? Kippa, but can get a run

One way you have managed to keep sane in isolation? I have been doing a lot of reading and the Sky Channel has received a hammering.

Describe your perfect Saturday afternoon? Breakfast with the family, sauna, then off to the footy.

Pineapple on Pizza Yes or No? Yes

Best place to eat near Aberfeldie? The best restaurant in the area is KG 4013, Napier Street Strathmore.

What word would Damian Kefford use to describe you? He would probably say that I talk very quickly and do my best to respect all and help out if possible.


Gorilla Profile #02 Nelson Alexander (Paul Harrison)

Nelson Alexander + Paul Harrison


We offer a full suite of services across the residential & commercial sectors including sales, property management and owners corporation.


Family, generosity, leadership, progressive, passion, respect.


– Years’ Nelson Alexander have supported Abers? 10 years

– Why is it important to support local sport? Our connection with our local communities runs deep within our company’s culture and sport is at the epicentre of that.

– Why do Nelson Alexander love Abers? Our core values are based on unity and teamwork and we believe that makes us very aligned with Abers.


The last 6 weeks is evidence that buyers & sellers will gravitate to the brand they know and trust. We have increased our market share to almost 50% of our catchment area, stronger than ever.

Business’ plan for the future?

To continue to be the agent of choice in our catchment areas.


Name? Paul Harrison

AFL club supporting? Kangas

Years’ service at Abers? Played senior footy in the 80’s, 90’s & 2000’s

Prefer coaching or playing, and why? Loved being a playing coach, in the thick of the action and making decisions/moves in real time. The modern game is so much faster so the playing coach would be at a disadvantage these days.

Best player to play with?  Early days – Phil Squires, Mick Hewat, Paul Hayward

Modern day – Leigh Woods, Jason Casey, Jason Dennis

Best player to coach? Donza/Blaise Ryan – do anything for you

Best player you have seen grace the EDFL?  Craig Hille (Strathmore), Steve Grey (East Keilor), Simon Minton Connell (Douttas, Abers, MV)

How many Abers Grand Final appearances, and wins? What years? 1995 B Grade flag, 2000 & 2001 A Grade runners up (Loaf tears a quad in the warm up 2001, are you kidding me???)

Aside your contribution to the club, there are multiple Abers Life Members in your family, and a club award in honour of your mum, Lynn. Can you summarise what Abers means to your family? Abers has been a huge part of my family’s past, present and no doubt future with generations having played, coached, supported and volunteered.

Your coaching style was to train and play hard, and to enjoy the off field, too. What is the perfect balance? When I played the club was about so much more than football. We had our 18th & 21st birthdays there, it was our meeting place before we went out together and our place of recovery the next day, we had functions where you couldn’t squeeze any more in, we had pre season trips away as well as the traditional end of year trip. The perfect balance has changed a lot with local footy becoming so much more professional but back when I was playing we certainly knew how to unwind afterwards.

Favourite Abers memory (or two, if you need it)? Definitely the 95 flag, great bunch of blokes, great win, unbelievable celebrations back at the club and significant getting the club back into A Grade where they have stayed ever since.

Any truth to the rumour of a side wager with Moonee Valley back in the day? If yes, please elaborate, and who won? Ah yes some of my more colourful friends were involved at Moonee Valley at the time and had big mouths, we won of course and you could say some of our wallets were a bit thicker that night.

You had a stake in the infamous One Bar. Any notable memories of Abers players at One Bar? I actually started One Bar (no genius in the name, I named it after the address 1 Puckle St) and we certainly had some fun with it. As for notable memories of Abers players there were many, they probably all had a similar ending walking out sideways in daylight and the names were often the same – Mango, Dave Farrelly, Bear, Tyson Lane, Guru, Jason Casey to name a few and not many could run amok like the Taylors

Best thing not yet invented? My wife and I have a beautiful son Beau who is 2 and a half (I have 4 wonderful kids in total) so I’d have to say an automatic nappy changer

Pineapple on pizza, yes or no? No

Best place to eat near Aberfeldie? Philhellene (Greek restaurant)

In the movie called ‘Harro’s Arrow’, who plays you? Hopefully Jason Statham


2019 Reserves and Under 19.5 Grand Final Replays

Gorilla Profile #01 – Luke Kinniburgh  

Luke Kinniburgh  

Nickname/s? Duck or Kinna 

Years’ service at Abers? 23 

AFL club supporting? North Melbourne 

Prefer coaching or playing, and why? Coaching – without doubt the most rewarding & enjoyable years in my footy life have been the last five years. Both junior coaching & seniors – the relationships you build with your players is something very special, the end of year celebrations legendary, and I will be forever grateful to our great club for the opportunities afforded to me over two and half decades, though particularly the last five years 

Position played? Full Back & Centre Half Forward 

Best player to play with? Jason Casey 

 Best player you have seen in the EDFL? Luke Blackwell

 Which Gorilla is the: 

– smartest? John Larkins 

– funniest? Patty Moore  

– angriest? Caleb Hislop  – Tommy Hislop before him 

– coaches pet? Jack Binns 

 If you could be another Abers person for a week, who would it be, and why? I would have to say Turbo CarboniI’m not on Facebook but have been sent many of his posts. To be inside that headspace before posting would be fascinating 

Favourite Abers memory? Very hard to narrow down to one as there are hundreds of amazing times – the premierships (7 time), particularly the drought breaker in 2015, but a moment very special to me was when our son Ryan gave a speech after our home win against Douttas last year. I was very grateful it was filmed and look back on it with great memories as it was one special moment among several great moments on our way to that very special premiership last year.

Favourite activity outside of football? I love my job and downtime spent with family & friends 

One way you keep sane in Isolation? A balance of work, family time, cooking, exercise & study 

Worst habit/s? Control freak 

What advice would you give to junior footballers? Train hard, play harder and enjoy the wonderful gifts a sporting club like Abers gives you – friendships, life experiences and team success 

Best thing not yet invented?Bar 601. It is invented to a point, just not open yet. When it does, it will be the Local that all Abers faithful will hopefully support and enjoy the experience 

What happened to your nose? Broken numerous times over. I am due to get some surgery to fix it, although that was to happen when I stopped playing. Maybe one day. 

Biggest pet peeve? Negative and whinging people 

Pineapple on pizza? Yes 

Best place to eat near Aberfeldie? Esca Grill 

What word would Tanya use to describe you? GOAT 

In the movie called ‘Duck Hunting’, who plays you? Tom Cruise 


Cricket News – Grand Finals Cancelled and Other News

The Cricket Division would like to provide an update given the current situation.

This morning the VTCA made the ruling that they would be calling off the conclusion to all Grand Final matches immediately. This is a view our club supported and recommended.

Whilst this is not an ideal situation we felt we had a social responsibility to uphold and protect our players, officials and supporters from any possibility contamination or pass on that this virus may present.

At this point in time the VTCA have not come to a decision as to the awarding of non 1st innings resulted matches which of course our teams were part of. This decision will be made in the next couple of days.

It’s a really sad way to finish what has been an exceptional year for our club. However, the health and safety of our community is our number one priority.

We have also decided to postpone the Junior and Senior Cricket Presentation nights. More details to come once we can reschedule these events.

The Cricket Division will not be opening the club for any further events for gatherings.

If you have any queries please contact Sarah Gray (0430 185 840) or Paul West (0425 705 859) direct, and we would be happy to discuss.

Important update on COVID-19 and our club.

Dear Members, Families and Supporters

With the spread of COVID-19 increasing across Victoria, the Aberfeldie Sports Club has made the decision to IMMEDIATELY SUSPEND all training, practice matches and events until further

The safety and welfare of our players, volunteers, officials and their families are our number one priority.

We will provide further updates as we receive more advice from the league and government officials.

The cricket section received advice from the VTCA who have informed us that their Grand Finals will proceed this weekend. Therefore, cricketers competing in the Grand Finals will be allowed to train and play unless advised otherwise.

Cricket Grand Finals Time

Such an exciting time for the club with Juniors, Women and Men all representing Abers in Grand Finals!

Below is the schedule for all Aberfeldie teams competing for premierships this weekend.


Senior Men 1st X1 – Abers v Spotswood at Clifton Park – Saturday, 1.00pm

Senior Men 3rd X1 – Abers v Altona North at Crofts Res, Altona North – Saturday, 1.00pm

These matches are played over 4 days over the next 2 weekends


Senior Women Division 3 – Abers v West Coburg at Keilor Park Res #5 on Sunday Mar 15 – 12.00pm


Junior Under 16 (1) – Abers v Keilor at Fairbairn Park #3 – 5.00pm

This match is played this Thursday and Friday evening


Junior Under 14 (C) – Abers v Haig Fawkner at Fairbairn Park #2 – 8.20am

These matches are played on Saturday and Sunday this weekend


Junior Under 12 (B) – Abers v West Coburg at Fairbairn Park #4 – 8.20am

This match is played on Saturday March 14th


Junior Girls Under 13 – Abers v Greenvale at Coburg City Oval – 5.45pm

This match is played on Monday evening March 16th

Get down and support the teams who have worked hard all season to make it to this point! Go Abers!


Vale Geoff Brown

It is with great sadness that the Aberfeldie Sports Club announce the passing of our esteemed member Geoff Brown.

Geoff’s contribution to the Aberfeldie Sports Club for well over 25 years was amazing and saw him recognised as a Life Member of the ASC in 2008 and an EDFL Life Member 2019.

The ASC is a better place from having Geoff Brown be part of it.

The Aberfeldie Sports Club send our condolences to Geoff’s family and friends.

The Funeral Details for our Geoff Brown will be Friday the 21st of February 2:15pm @ Fawkner Memorial Cemetery, Sydney Rd Fawkner.
Service will be in held in Joyce Chapel.

There will be a celebration of Geoff’s life following the service at the Aberfeldie Sports Club 7B Batman St Aberfeldie.